Phase 1 Program or Building Investigation(Benchmarking)


LEED Evaluation (NC, EB, CI): Whether the project is New Construction (NC), an Existing Building (EB), or Commercial Interior (CI) renovation, our Project Green Team will evaluate the appropriate LEED checklist. We can establish the current design's LEED score and provide suggestions to help meet or exceed the goal of the project, LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Energy Star Benchmarking: Using Energy Star's Portfolio Manager the Project Green Team will benchmark an existing building's energy performance. This will establish how the building's energy and water systems perform compared to similar buildings through out the county and how to best approach reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. All buildings can assess their energy performance, water efficiency, and carbon emissions.

Data Collection

Thermal Imaging: Perform a thermal analysis of an existing facility using the latest technology, FLIR B360 infrared camera. The thermal imaging will locate any heat loss, moisture issues, or electrical/fire-safety issues the building may have. The report will include a detailed evaluation of the building's current condition with a list of potential energy saving strategies and cost to improve the building envelope on a line-item basis.

Property inspection and assessment: Conduct site visits to inspect the current condition and use of the existing facility, systems, and operations. The inspection and assessment process helps the Project Green Team to determine the most practical sustainable building practices to pursue.

Data Logging with thermal and moisture sensors: BuildingAdvice™ technology comprised of portable wireless monitors and advanced energy analysis software will produce a comprehensive report on building performance, including energy usage, HVAC operations, and comfort issues. The report clearly explains the financial and environmental impact of recommended actions to improve building performance and lower energy costs.

Energy models and audits: Analyze the past 12-24 months of utility and water usage to trend the facilities consumption and identify where the most effective best practices should be implemented.

Phase 2 Sustainability Recommendations

Project Green Best Practices: A menu of options, available for individual selection at the client's discretion, prescribed to each building's needs including investment cost, return on investment, environmental and economical benefits, and general work scope.

Phase 3 Project Implementation

Construction, Maintenance, or Alterations: The Project Green Team will implement selected Project Green Best Practices in design, engineering, permitting and construction.

LEED Certification Management: The Project Green Team is able to guide the client's project through the LEED process from initial concept through completion in order to make sure that all goals for LEED certification are achieved.

New Construction design/build: For new construction projects the Project Green Team can offer design assistance to help incorporate new green technologies into their project plans.

Green Opening: The Project Green Team will conduct a Green Opening at the completion of the project where a plaque is awarded for the implementation of the selected Project Green Best Practices. The plaque will provide recognition that the client is an industry leader in sustainable building practices and is doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

Phase 4 Operations and Maintenance Evaluation

Commissioning: 6-12 months after implementation of the selected "Best Practices" the Project Green Team will provide operational manuals, training, and inspections to ensure the building systems are performing as designed.

Metering, surveying, sampling and measurement of building performance: 12-18 months after implementation of the selected "Best Practices" the Project Green Team will review and report the building's performance using Thermal Imaging, Energy Star analysis, and BuildingAdvice™ to confirm that all environmental and economical goals have been met and the facility is performing optimally.

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“With its tremendously skilled, hard-working team, J.S. Vig Construction helped fulfill the vision that the City of Romulus had in mind when we set out to build the Romulus Athletic Center. Thanks to J.S. Vig, the Romulus Athletic Center is now a beautiful, award-winning and popular athletic facility that has become the jewel in Romulus' crown.”

Tim Keyes
City of Romulus
“It has been a pleasure working with J.S. Vig on numerous projects over the past few years. They exhibit professionalism and honesty in their work, along with a willingness to look at options and alternate approaches to make project happen and succeed.”

David Esau, AIA, LEED AP
Cornerstone Design Inc
“ J.S. Vig is a company that is easy to work with because of their integrity. Our two firms have prospered from an over 30-year relationship, including many projects and personnel, which could not have happened without ongoing dedication to quality and honesty.”

David Zanely, LEED AP
Wilkie & Zanley Architects, A Sidock Company
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John Wilkie, AIA
Wilkie & Zanely Architects, A Sidock Company
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Trish Kalmbach
BOSC Equities
“…Simply one of the most organized and talented construction teams that I have had the pleasure of working with in 25 years.”

Greg Heil
President, Heil Partnership
“J.S. Vig Construction Company is honest, efficient, responsive, and completes each project with the client's needs in mind.”

Jerry Reinhart
President, Pomeroy Investment Company
“While this was an extremely difficult project in terms of phasing and working around our children, the employees of J.S. Vig did an outstanding job!”

Kurt M. Sebaly M. Ed.
Pentickton Center for Blind Children
“Through the entire pre-construction and warranty phases, your people have been responsive, professional, and cost-efficient. I would welcome the opportunity to recommend your firm and look forward to working together in the future.”

Larry Reed
Metavante Corporation